What your gym clothes say about you ladies! (3 cool appearances to try)

It can be safely deduced that we all are kind of obsessed with hitting the gym. But when it comes to dressing up for gym, the entire routine can become very scary. Even if you have never step foot into the gym, you must be aware that there are certain etiquettes to follow when it comes to fitness apparels. You just cannot walk in wearing any clothes you find your wardrobe and expect to have a great time lifting weights and doing squats!

So let us all understand this one basic- there are different types of people who attend workout sessions. And your clothes say a lot about you and your character. Now if you are confused to how that happens, and then relax; here is a list that highlights on how you can dress and what the approach exactly has to say about you. Read on and find out more.

The NBA inspired

When a girl walks in the gym wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts, people assume that she was too lazy to scrounge her wardrobe, and borrowed clothes from her man. But not all girls do that. Sports jersey and a pair of basketball shorts shrieks of comfort and practicality. Yes, she might appear shady about from wear she got her clothes, but it is the sheer easing qualities of the ensemble that has helped her pull it off. Correct gym shoes that aid movement is exactly what makes many ladies root for this very sports motivated clothing combination.

The chic social media addict

Okay, so when you go for your gym sessions, you are invariably destined to meet at least one social butterfly who’s every movement (even inside the gym) can be traced on social media platforms. She will wear colourful sports bra that are in sync with the latest trends. Whether opting for a pair of shorts or leggings, she is always ready for a selfie, with accessories like adorable headbands and cute gym shoes to accompany her outfit.

The colour coordinator

Her sports bra will match the colour of her footwear, while her leggings will swoosh all the onlookers with surprise. Trendy prints and hottest textures (that are the ‘it’ of the season) are her safe zone. But unlike the social butterfly (previously mentioned), she is not always picture ready. She values comfort but is not ready to give up on the fashion quotient. She vigorously sticks to smart fabrics and practical clothes, which comes with matching colour schemes and quirky motifs.

So no matter which category you fall under, or whichever look you are planning to opt for, remember that when in gym your performance should be amplified and nothing should hamper that. Online retailers have assembled the best of gym clothes for women that check out on all the highlighted aspects required. They are comfortable and elegant and varied in their number. You can make a purchase of the one that you like the most, at really affordable prices.


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