Pop colors meet varied prints when it is the new-age gym clothing

Do you feel like flaunting that washboard stomach and abs in your next workout session? Whether you want to get back in shape, exhibit an enviable body or an eye-grabbing silhouette by sweating out in style- the right set of gym clothing and accessories can be the perfect mood-boosting factor! Stepping into that gym studio needs more than the positive affirmations and the urge to be fit. The lovely and high-performing gym wear can be the best to make your swear by feeling good when embracing the treadmill, gym bikes and more!

The variation in the color canvas

  • The grannie gray color in fitness clothes or the pale hues in plain baggy athletic wears have taken a back seat. The trend is of pop colors and neons. So a neon green vest clubbed with tangy orange shorts and dusky blue shoes can seal the look deal for men while the sassy ladies can go for a lot of experimentation when trying out the gym wears.
  • From candy pink, lime green tank tees or camisoles to the bright colored comfy, snug fit leggings and sport bras, there is nothing that is left to imagination.
  • If you are looking for pastel shades, jewel tones, earthy hues or citrus-inspired colors you are bound to find loads of options when checking out the gym clothing collection at the top e-stores!

The prints extravaganza

Whether it is playing with motifs, vibrant prints – the gym clothes are not only about blocks of mono hues, 2017 will be about an array of prints and the top manufacturers are giving a steady nod to this:

  • The flame prints are a rage
  • The wild prints or some caricature in relation to the animal kingdom is becoming a huge draw
  • The geometric patterns and the neat lines with a play of contrast is catching headlines
  • The tropical prints with the play of a lot of colors is a growing trend
  • The florals and paisleys will always rule the popularity chart

So, select one of the best gym clothing stores of repute with a vast, trendy collection of gym clothing and give your workout sessions a new edge!


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