3 Celebrities Who Look Ravishing In Their Workout Clothes!

Few months ago, Khloe Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram revealing her super-toned abs and this time too, she won the heart of millions. Just the way she encourages all of us to hit the gym; we might also get inspired to choose the stylish and sexy gym wear that she wears.

Celebrities do not only head to the gym and work out diligently to get the dream shape, but they also know how important the workout clothes are to ensure the comfort and style. Celebrities choose the top brands to look stylish even when they are running on the treadmill or doing their yoga. Here are five celebrities who have managed to look stunning in their running gears and yoga pants. Let’s check out who they are.

Shay Mitchell:


This Canadian bombshell who was cast in several Hollywood movies just love to flaunt her awesome active wear collection while she goes hiking to different places. Not only does she encourage the audience to stay fit but also to show us a way to look stylish in the running clothing. Sometime wearing colourful leggings and sometimes jet black hoodies, she keeps posting photos in her active wear and every time she manages to look awesome in the pictures.

Gigi Hadid:


The renowned American model definitely works hard to maintain her sleek curves and she gleefully admits that. By posting photos in her workout gears, she tells us how hard it is to attain the body like that but at the same time it is rewarding as well. Have you checked out Gigi Hadid in her sweatshirts? Or the one with Joe Jonas where she was walking in her stunning purple yoga pants? Well, of course, anyone would love to grab those workout gears now!

Jessica Alba:


Sometimes celebs happily post their gym photos on social media and sometimes paparazzi captures celebrities in their workout gear. But both the times, they look stunning in those outfits. It is no longer a mystery how Jessica Alba has maintained a slim, toned and feminine figure. Her workout regime includes cardio and strength training which require flexible workout gears. And her pictures have shown that she loves wearing tank tops and leggings usually for her gym sessions.

So, if you are planning to hit the gym soon or going to start running, look for the ideal running clothing for women which can offer you great support and unbeatable style. So gear up for the run!


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